4 Killer Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Oct 1, 2012 by

Young or old, being in a sports team is great. It’s great for your fitness, social life and overall lifestyle.


However, as with most things in life, sports teams often need to raise money to cover important costs. That’s where fundraising comes into play. Thankfully, because sports by nature get the community involved, you have great fundraising options that can help you bring in the money you need.


Here are our top 4 fundraising ideas for sports teams:


1. Start an online fundraiser

Use our site to start an online fundraiser. It’s easy, fast and free to start. Once launched, share your link with friends, family and any other networks you might be a part of. You might be surprised just how many donations you’re able to get in from fans, supporters and others that think you’re doing a great job. You can also take a look at our existing sports fundraisers to see how they’ve gone about raising money.


2. Host a sponsored sporting event

What better way for a sports team to raise money than to run its own sponsored sporting event? If you’re a football team, play a football match. If you’re part of a boxing team, set up some great fights. There are a ton of opportunities here and a number of great ways to raise money during the event.


For example, you could charge spectators an entry fee. You could sell food, drink and other products. You could host a raffle or competition and you could even do a mix of all these. Remember to tell people that all money raised is being used for a good cause – that way people will be more inclined to part with their money.


3. Player auctions

This works particularly well if the players in the sports team are well known within the community. For example, with a football team you could auction off each player and the winning bidder can do whatever they want (or choose from a selected number of tasks) with the player that has been ‘bought’. For example, the winning bidder could go on a date with the player, they could be asked to do chores at the buyers house or they could give the buyer private lessons in the particular sport. Whatever it is, make it fun!


4. Team sponsorship

Chances are that the team will be wearing a certain kit. If so, why not go out to local businesses and ask for sponsorship? They get their logo on your kit and you get to raise money!  A win win situation. Many large teams already do this but it isn’t so common with up-and-coming sports teams. We think it should be!


I hope those fundraising ideas help you raise the money you need. Leave any other ideas you might have in the comments section below!


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