Crowdfunding Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

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The crowdfunding industry continues to see strong growth which gives life to more great ideas, projects and social good.


At Go Get Funding, month-on-month we’ve had more people raising more money for all types of campaigns. From creative projects and volunteering campaigns to medical fundraisers and more.


To help visualize the growth of the crowdfunding industry, we created the following infographic which we hope you enjoy:



 Crowdfunding Statistics and Trends

Infographic by: Go Get Funding

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Inforgraphic data:


Estimated number of active Crowdfunding Platforms worldwide

Year Active CFPs Worldwide
2012 536
2011 434
2010 283


Estimated volume of funds raised by CFPs worldwide

 Year Funds raised worldwide (in billions)
2011 1.5
2012 2.7
2013 5.1


North America and Europe dominated the Crowdfunding industry by raising 59% and 35% of worldwide capital raised in 2012

More than 1 Million successful campaigns were run by CFPs in 2012

Crowdfunding market growth and share by category

Crowdfunding Category Share %age Growth %age ( CAGR)
Reward Based Crowdfunding 43% 524%
Donation Based Crowdfunding 29% 43%
Equity Based Crowdfunding 15% 114%
Lending Based Crowdfunding 13% 78%


Equity-based Crowdfunding raises the largest amount of funds per project as compared to Donation-based and reward-based Crowdfunding

Funds paid out per Equity Based Project

 Funds paid out per project %age
Less than $10,000 6%
$10,0001-$25,000 10%
$25,001-$50,000 16%
$50,001-$100,000 26%
$100,000+ 42%


Most active Crowdfunding categories of 2012

 Category %age
Social Causes 30%
Business & Entrepreneurship 16.9%
Films & Performing Arts 11.9%
Music & Recording Arts 7.5%
Energy & Environment 5.9%
Others 28%


Funds paid out per Donation Based and Reward Based Project

 Funds paid out per project %age
Less than $2,500 35%
$2,501-$5,000 28%
$5,001-$7,500 18%
$7,501-$10,000 9%
$10,000+ 10%


Over 40% of CFPs charges a transaction fees based on percentage commission of funds pay out

45% of all CFPs require investors to deposit money in Escrow accounts and 63% use Paypal as payment method.

Average successful Crowdfunding campaign is around $7,000 and lasts around 9 weeks

Average timeframe of Crowdfunding campaign

Pharse  All (in weeks) Equity Based (in weeks) Lending Based (in weeks) Reward Based (in weeks) Donation Based (in weeks)
Launch to completion 9.1 8.2 4.8 10.0 10.2
First 25% milestone 2 2.5 2.3 2.9 3.6
Last 25% milestone 3.3 3.1 2.6 3.6 3.3




  1. Great post. Would it be possible to share the source of the raw data? I’m looking for more statistics regarding crowd funding. Thanks.

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